The son of a newspaper man, John Chillingworth was born in London in 1928. With his father a senior union official in Fleet Street, John was familiar with the world of publishing and after his war-time training in the darkroom, by chance the first vacancy that became available, he had the occasional opportunity to assist the staff photographers as they created their picture stories. Then, after serving as an army photographer at the end of World War Two, he joined the photographic staff of Picture Post magazine in 1949, but it was in his earlier years that John had developed a close personal and professional relationship with Kurt Hutton.  In fact, it was Hutton’s continuing role as a mentor that John acknowledges as a key primer in his professional career. The generally accepted method at learning one’s trade during this era was to simply watch and listen and given the fact that Chillingworth was also processing and printing Hutton’s images the two built up a close rapport. The way in which Hutton dealt with people was also a skill that his ‘apprentice’ fully took on board.