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Shapes in Space

Getty Images in cooperation with the International Olympic Committee and the Olympic Museum is proud to present Shapes in Space
30th July – 13th August

This exhibition represents a selection of the most striking imagery captured during the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and Vancouver 2010. Both Beijing and Vancouver set a remarkable stage for the Olympic Games. It was the dramatic backdrop for some of the greatest moments in Olympic history--captured through the lenses of photographers from Getty Images, Agence France Presse, The Associated Press, Reuters, Xinhua News Agency,The New York Times and Sports Illustrated.

From behind their lenses, photographers have a unique perspective. They preserve split seconds of history for all of us to savour long after the Olympic torch is extinguished. Displayed at the Getty Images Gallery are just a few of those breathtaking images, the very best pictures that record the iconic architecture, official ceremonies, news events, sporting moments and local support that welded together to create the magic that was the Olympic Games.

"Photographers capture a single frozen moment in time. A split second of history. A moment of agony and ecstasy, of glory and defeat. Through their lenses we gain a greater appreciation of life. The Olympic Games is the greatest sporting event in the world, and it attracts the greatest photographers in the world. You will gain a greater appreciation of the beauty and artistry of sport, the majesty of the athletes, the scale and grandeur of the Olympic Games, and you also realize that these photographers are not just great journalists, but true artists of their profession."
Francis Gabet
Director, The Olympic Museum
Lausanne, Switzerland

News Organizations featured:
Getty Images
The New York Times
Sports Illustrated
Agence France Presse
The Associated Press
Xinhua News Agency