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The Rolling Stones - An Unseen Diary

Christopher Simon Sykes
30/8/03 - 25/10/03

The Rolling Stones: An Unseen Diary, in association with GQ Magazine, is an exhibition featuring the outstanding work of Christopher Simon Sykes. In 1975 Sykes was commissioned by the biggest rock nā€™ roll band in the world to photograph on stage and backstage action of what was then the largest tour ever mounted, known as T.O.T.A ā€“ Tour of the Americas. For three months Sykes lived and toured with the Stones, hanging out with them in their hotel rooms, at the venues and on their plane (The Starship). Sykes confidential yet objective vantage point is what makes these photographs extraordinary. He captures the intimacy of the relationships within the band and manages to transmit the electric atmosphere attendant in these groundbreaking concerts.