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RBS Heroes

‘The legacy of heroes is the memory of a great name and the inheritance of a great example’. – Benjamin Disraeli

The world of sport is a remarkable one, in which heroes can be made in full view of the discerning public eye. It is because of this that sport, and those who excel within its disciplines, powerfully capture the hearts and minds of nations.

It takes a unique character to become a sporting hero. Each of our RBS Global Ambassadors has the right mix of high-octane determination, dynamism and a relentless desire to reach the very top of their game. Once there, they can – and do – make history. In the pages that follow, each of our Global Ambassadors proudly reveals the sporting heroes who have inspired them to achieve and surpass their own expectations.

At the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS), we place these very principles at the heart of our culture and philosophy and watch proudly as our Global Ambassadors lead by example.

By remembering a great name, and following a great example, the sportsmen and women on display in this inspiring exhibition have become the heroes of their own generation.