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31st March - 7th May

A cooling dip on a hot summer's day, loungers ready for lazing, the venue for an evening party. Swimming pools range from the basic to the luxurious - there for fitness or for pleasure - and with their very own fashions to match.

The American photographer Slim Aarons documented both public and private pools. From large hotels hosting fashion shows to intimate gatherings in a private garden, these glistening expanses of water provide a focus to his images and evoke a sense of luxury and privilege. There are pools emerging from the landscape and others carefully constructed by award-winning architects.

Some are status symbols drawing on their association with a Hollywood lifestyle. Others are more discreet but nevertheless proclaiming that their owners do not need to venture to the coast – a swimming pool in your garden ensures you can be on vacation without going anywhere. So adults play backgammon or lie like lizards in the baking sun while children splash and swim nearby. When evening falls, candles are lit and evening gowns are reflected in the still waters.