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Let's Celebrate Music

31st May - 28th July

Getty Images Gallery proudly presents Let's Celebrate Music, an exhibition that highlights some of the legends of the stage and studio from the 1950's to the present.

About the time Elvis took to the stage, music began to explore a new freedom, and artists started to experiment and challenge accepted rules. This led to new styles and genres: Rock n' Roll, Soul, Punk, Pop, and R&B.

Let's Celebrate Music gives us an insight into how music transformed through this period by showing action on stage, tense nerves behind the scenes, publicity shoots and snapshots from the everyday lives of legends.

This year the Olympic park is hosting two festivals so it seems fitting to have an exhibition at our Westfield Gallery for you to share and enjoy music. Pop down and take a look into the past and present of Music legends from the 31st May - 28th July.