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Kos, Against the Elements: One Woman’s Vision

Kos Evans

This unique exhibition, will feature some of Kos’s most dramatic and breathtaking photographs, spanning more than 25 years as an award-winning marine sports photographer.

An acknowledged pioneer in her field, Kos is renowned for her extraordinary trademark masthead shots, taken some 200ft from the deck and often involving placing herself in real danger - dangling upside down from the mast wielding a 35mm camera for starters! She has also been known to hang out of the side of a helicopter capturing powerboats 20 feet off the water at 100mph.

Her aim, as always, is to capture the best, most challenging and most elusive photo, working against the elements to reflect her love – and awe - of the ocean in all its unfathomable majesty. “The sea is a moving canvas that changes by the millisecond and I have strived to show its every aspect,” Kos says. “You must always perceive the action before it happens.”

Whether climbing masts, diving below the yacht keel or swinging from a halyard, diminutive Kos is the original action girl of the high seas.