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E.ON - Life Between the Sticks

From Jim Montgomery's stunning save against Sunderland in 1973 to Dave Beasant's match-winning penalty stop at Wembley in 1988, great goalkeeping saves have always played as important a part in the history of The FA Cup as the goals scored.

This season, E.ON has been celebrating Great Saves – great saves on the pitch and great energy saves in the home. On the pitch we've been championing the unsung heroes of the game culminating in this, the Life Between the Sticks exhibition, a display of photography from leading photographers focussing on the art of goalkeeping.

Caught on camera by internationally renowned photojournalist, Tom Stoddart, are five portraits of goalkeeping icons - Peter Shilton, Gordon Banks, Ray Clemence, Dave Beasant and Jim Montgomery. These portraits are a study of the personality and character of the men who have helped define goalkeeping over the last half century.

Also featuring in the exhibition are images from a range of professional and amateur sports photographers who have captured their subject over the course of the 2009-2010 season. From the school playground and local park, to the professional game and Wembley Stadium, they provide a unique insight into the life of a goalkeeper. Each photographer captures those moments of loneliness, pressure, triumph and disaster.

Life Between the Sticks is a portrait of the goalkeeper.