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Big is Beautiful

15th May - 20th June

The status of photography has drastically changed in recent years becoming a major competitor for wall space in both the home and the gallery. Whilst the debate over 'photography as art' rages on, there's no doubt that with advancements in scanning and printing, framing and presentation, photography has really taken its place alongside painting in terms of scale and sophistication.

With this in mind the Getty Images Gallery is proud to present its latest exhibition ‘Big is Beautiful.’ Displaying some of its finest imagery from photographers such as Herbert Ponting, Slim Aarons and Thurston Hopkins, to name a few, the exhibition is a celebration of the large scale print.

With methods in printing and framing constantly having to adapt to keep up with the demand in large photographic prints, the exhibition looks at what the industry done to accommodate this and asks the question 'how big is too big?'