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21 March - 6 May 2017

Getty Images Gallery have plucked enduring and evocative images that span the last century and half to bring you Archival. The exhibition features images that cross the globe and portray the lives of the privileged, the talented, the forgotten and the forsaken. It was no small feat to select a limited number of photographs from the over 80 million images stored at the Getty Images Archive - images accumulated over its 160-year history.

Jagger backstage, Elizabeth Taylor primping, Ali in a private moment, Marley at concert, Yoko and John relaxing and Cary Grant at his debonair best.

Watch these icons and more come alive in Archival, captured in their most provocative and, at times, most private moments are the movie stars and musicians we’ve come to love the most and some we miss the most.

Get on board for a tour of Antarctica and the arresting photographs of glaciers, icebergs and the end of the earth, as Robert Falcon Scott pursued the South Pole in 1911.

For those in a more reflective mood, enjoy precious moments of British street life captured in the pages of Picture Post during the war years. Kids frolicking on the streets, a cellist and her bow, even a stranger communing with a hound - these touching images of everyday life are frozen in time as iconic photos of mid-century Britain. You may even catch Hitchcock as he eyes up a stone giant…

No show would be complete without a bit of glamour. Slim Aarons never fails to lift our spirits and inspire our inner movie star with images of the French Riviera, The Beverly Hills Hotel, Palm Springs in the heat, and beautiful people on the docks and on the slopes, enjoying the good life. Who doesn’t want to join them?

To produce prints for sale, the Gallery works closely with our darkroom technicians who expertly assess the range of originals from glass plate and 35mm negatives, transparencies and prints, responding to each image when printing, devoting considerable time and attention to achieve the best possible finish.

All images in Archival are available to buy and we can provide an array of framing and glazing options. Certain prints from exclusive collections are signed by the photographer as collector’s editions.