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A Century of British Icons

In association with Rolls-Royce.

14th Oct - 18th Oct

A nation defines itself by its icons, and no nation more so than the British. These can be everyday objects and ordinary people - or creations at the pinnacle of luxury. This enchanting exhibition shows the British through a century of remarkable and revealing images, from a guardsman at Buckingham Palace to a bank holiday paddle on the beach.

Joining them will be a 21st century British icon, in the form of a Rolls-Royce Ghost Series II. Imposing, elegant and unmistakable, the Ghost Series II represents all that is outstanding in British craftsmanship and design to a global audience.

A Century of British Icons explores the treasure-house of the Getty Images library to chart a century of British life, seen through the prism of its most cherished and iconic events, moments, places and products. You may view some with pride and others with a smile - but each one captures a moment of quintessential Britishness.