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6 by 6

2nd September - 3rd October

Getty Images Gallery presents its first contemporary fine art print series, Creative Selects, with an exciting exhibition showcasing 6 works by 6 contemporary photographers. Demonstrative of the amazing images available from the creative offering at Getty Images, this exhibition looks to showcase the diversity and skill of photographers from all over the globe, drawing together work from London, Warsaw, Berlin, New York and Singapore.

Beguiling images of wildlife from Michael Duva invite us to investigate the similarities between humans and animals, with images that are both captivating and graphically stunning.

Mark Leary's evocative landscapes ignite a nostalgia that is all encompassing, his enigmatic composition drawing the viewer in closer to explore the elegance therein.

Silvia Otte takes flowers into another realm with her kaleidoscopic creations in this selection from her Organica series. Inspired by the ink blot tests of Hermann Rorschach, they are repetitive yet chaotic, providing a burst of noise and colour.

Using trompe d'oeil, Jonathan Knowles creates awesome, galactic compositions - derived from the smallest of science experiments. A universe represented by a small cluster of atoms makes for sublime photography, marvelous creations that could be mistaken for computer-generated special effects.

Martin Puddy's classic travel images highlight the beauty of their far away subject matter, by casting a calm, considered eye over traditional ways of life and landscapes. Serene yet spectacular, they provide a moment in which to pause and wonder.

Adam Orzechowski's mesmerizing landscapes look to highlight the vastness of our planet and man's small place within it. Striking and surreal, they offer a seldom seen view of the mountains and hills that make up the lesser trodden, upper realms of our world.

Director of Getty Images Gallery, Louise Garczewska, comments, "We could not be happier with the calibre of work introducing our Creative Selects collection - six engaging photographers, each at the forefront of their individual fields. Whilst aesthetically diverse, each series in the exhibition reflects the imagination and technical ingenuity this prestigious new offering aspires to. Exquisitely printed and presented, Creative Selects will be curated to offer the art collector the very best imagery from our award-winning Getty Images photographers."

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