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Michael Ochs Collection

The Michael Ochs Collection contains extraordinary Imagery of 20th Century Music and Entertainment Legends.

The Michael Ochs Archive was created in the mid-1970s by music industry maven Michael Ochs, brother of legendary folk singer Phil Ochs. Michael compiled the collection from a range of sources, such as celebrity photographers, artist estates, music labels and publishers.

Already established as the country's foremost source for photographs of nearly every 20th century pop recording artist, the archive expanded in the 1980s to include images of popular film, television and political personalities. Contained within this vast library are iconic images of; Elvis, Frank Sinatra, Marilyn Monroe, Clint Eastwood, James Dean and many others.

This body of compelling imagery has been captured by a solid roster of famed talent, including:

  • James Kriegsmann, house photographer for the Cotton Club in the 1940s, who shot some of the first photos of Frank Sinatra and Simon & Garfunkel.
  • Don Paulsen, whose backstage access at the Apollo Theatre in the late 1960s enabled him to shoot an impressive line up of the great Motown stars.
  • Earl Leaf, who shot Marilyn Monroe throughout her career and later covered a wide array of musicians, ranging from Elvis Presley to Bruce Springsteen.

We continue to mine this vast collection.